Topic outline

  • Transitions

    Times of change and transitions can prove to be more challenging.

    In education transitions are considered to be at the start and end of key stages or changing settings.

    Transitions can be supported by careful planning and support from home and settings.

    • Growing Up

      Growing up can cause challenges for people.

      In this section NOVIO have gathered information about

      Visits to medical professionals or other professionals :

      E.g. dentist/doctor/optician

      E.g. hair dresser

    • Sex Education

      Each setting will have their own policy and practice around growing up and their sex education programme.

      Novio have included some items that have been used to support pupils in special school settings.  These will need to be adapted for your own child's needs at that specific time, but give a starting point and ideas.

      There are leaflets and books to support this area of the curriculum.

      The Family Planning Association is based in London

      2-12 Pentonville Road

      0171 837 5432 or -171 837 4044 lines open between 9-7

      A below-the-belt guide to the female body  4 girls

      A below-the-belt guide to the male body     4 boys

      Periods what you need to know

      Love stings A beginners guide to STI

    • Books for Children

      Here are some useful books that will help children.

      Everybody Poos by Taro Gomi - This children's book has a no-nonsense approach to the bodily function to encourage children not to be ashamed about potty training.

      ISBN-13: 978-1845072582

      Growing Up - Its science! - It's science is a series of books that introduces children to the science that surrounds them in their everyday world.  A simple, friendly text works closely with top-quality photography to open up a new area of learning.

      ISBN-13: 978-0516264486

      Young Citizen - Growing Up.

      Hair in Funny Places by Babette Cole

      ISBN 0-224-04763-9

      Mummy Never Told Me by Babette Cole

      ISBN 0-224-07001-0

      Mummy Laid an Egg! by Babette Cole - Mum and Dad decide it's time they told the children about the facts of life...

      ISBN 978-0-099-29911-0

      Dr Dog by Babette Cole - Feeling dizzy? Feeling sick? You need the expert attention of Doctor Dog!

      ISBN 0-09-965081-9

      Bad Habits by Babette Cole - Lucretzia Crum is a little monster with big bad habits. Now she wants to have a birthday party. But all the big monsters turn up and they're really, really bad!

      ISBN 0-14-056451-9

      The Bad Good Manners Book by Babette Cole - Good manners, bad manners, no manners at all! Babette Cole's hilarious tips on being an angel - or a little devil...

      ISBN 0-14-055480-7

      The Silly Slimy Smelly Hairy Book - by Babette Cole - Here is Babette Cole at her hilarious best in a rollicking uproarious book containing four of her most zany titles.

      ISBN 0-224-04767-1

      The Trouble with Grandad by Babette Cole - Locked up for growing a dangerous vegetable, Grandad lands in a lot of trouble. Who will stop this terrible tomato? Will there be a ketchup explosion? It just grows bigger and bigger and bigger!

      ISBN 0-7497-022-X

      The Trouble with Mum by Babette Cole - The trouble with Mum is...she wears funny hats...she has funny pets...she makes funny cakes - and she's not like other mums at all! But only a special mum could save the school...

      ISBN 0-7497-1020-9

      Two of Everything by Babette Cole

      ISBN 0-224-04652-7

      The Un-Wedding by Babette Cole - Stuck with problem parents who can't stand each other? Think it's your fault? Don't know what to do about it? The beleaguered brother and sister in The Un-Wedding orchestrate a deliciously satisfying solution to these common domestic difficulties.

      ISBN 0-679-88898-5

      • Moving Class or Moving Schools

      • Bereavement

        The normal grieving process consists of different stages:

        Shock/disbelief; Denial/anger; Bargaining/depression;

        Growing awareness and Acceptance

        Everyone copes with these stages in a different way.

        There are many agencies who can support at this difficult time.
        Please download the 'Bereavement' PDF document for details.


        Will my rabbit go to heaven? by Jeremie Hughes

        Don't forget to write by Marina Selway

        Dogger by Shirley Hughes

        I'll always love you by Hans Wilhelm

        Bye bye baby by Janet and Allan Ahlberg

        Drop Dead by Babette Cole (Drop Dead or How we grew from one-year-old bald wrinklies into eighty year-old bald wrinklies).

      • Going Out

        Here are some thoughts on preparing to go out with your child.