This is our list of events and courses and are divided into two sections. One section contains courses & events prepared and run by Novio itself whilst others are third parties generally within the West Sussex area.

Some links on this page will breakout and redirect you to our Novio Parents and Professionals Portal platform. This portal is still operated by Novio but uses different technology to address some of our other projects.

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Activities for children to do locally over Christmas -> Details Here

Novio Courses and Events

Novio Lego Therapy - Playwell - St Anthony’s School on Tuesday 5th February 2019 from 4-5 - Flyer Here (PDF)

“Learning Together about SEND and AUTISM” Come and join us for a Professional Learning Walk Monday 28th January 2019 from 4-5.30pm - Flyer

Third Party Courses and Events

Alternative Provision Event - Working with schools to promote inclusion Meeting children’s needs through a local alternative curriculum 31st January 2019 - Flyer

Angling for Education - SEND Provision Details

Aspire Sussex - Courses

Challengers Chichester Youth Scheme (Short Break Providers) - Website

Children and Families Centre WSCC - Search the different centres for events
Look Sussex (Visual Impairment) - Events via their Facebook page
West Sussex Parent Carer Forum - Many events on their Facebook page